Why to Join Bhajan:


Bhajan is growing technical consultancy organization working nationwide in different engineering services without association and team work we could not achieved the milestone of our career where we are today. We invite more and more technical and professional experts to join us on fulltime or assignment basis. Kindly browse our website to know more about us and if you are keen to join us, please submit your application to mail@bhajanec.com

Interior Design


Design Studio

Bhajan has been having a set up of Design Studio. We offer different services viz. Graphics Design, 3D Modeling, Animation projects, Product Design, Pattern Design, etc


Arbitration and Techno-legal Consultancy

Bhajan is offering arbitration service and techno-legal consultancies in field of real estate properties. Our consultants are also practices in high court


Software Development and Web Application Development

Bhajan has been providing consultancy in development of all kind of sophisticated software. We serve to develop software based on client problem statement in any field.

Our team is expert to develop excellent web based programming including good web layout designing. We are also familiar with php, html, java, oracle etc.


Engineering Material Testing Laboratory

Bhajan is associated with separate unit for testing of engineering materials. We serve different agencies, construction companies, building projects, industrial projects, transportation/highway projects etc.